The Forbidden Fruit

тнεѕε violεит dεligнтѕ наvε violεит εиdѕ, аиd iи тнεія тяіυмрн diε, liкε fiяε aиd powdεя, wніcн аѕ тнεу кіѕѕ...coиѕυмε... ♥ ◦ ■ ◊ ○ ♫

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1Routine.    Empty Routine. on Fri Feb 04, 2011 10:52 am

Bella walked into Spanish and thumped her bag onto the white-grey lino surrounding her chosen desk. Both Lauren and Jessica were in her Spanish lessons, and as she sat waiting she read through Bronte's "Wuthering Heights" for about the gazillionth time. She'd gotten quite comfy, snuggling into the fleecy lining of her coat which lay protecting her from the hard, plastic chair. She was warm, engrossed and content when they appeared.

"Hey guys," she said warmly to her friends, smiling, lip-gloss and eye-shadow-less in harsh contrast to Jess and Lauren. "Um, going out tonight...?" she asked, not realizing that actually, they weren't wearing that much makeup. "Oh, just daily routine," she tacked on, aware of her mistake. Her cheeks flushed pink, but she smiled again..

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