The Forbidden Fruit

тнεѕε violεит dεligнтѕ наvε violεит εиdѕ, аиd iи тнεія тяіυмрн diε, liкε fiяε aиd powdεя, wніcн аѕ тнεу кіѕѕ...coиѕυмε... ♥ ◦ ■ ◊ ○ ♫

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Desire - Vampire

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Originally called Mary, Desire used to live in New York as a waitress in a bar in the 1960s. Not getting enough money, she resorted to prostitution by night. However, at 20, she soon came across a vampire passing through, Alex Lydon, who wanted to have a snack. He saw something in her eyes though, and thought maybe he shouldn't just let her die, so he turned her. Desire didn't remember her name, but didn't think clearly for months, needing blood. She kept to the alleyways in the shadows away from the sunlight, afraid of the strong light and being seen as some creature. She needed blood, but she wasn't sure why. After a few weeks she left town to somewhere more cloudy, trying another way to get blood without having to hide, wanting to still be apart of the world. She went unnamed for years, knowing only that she was something else and that she had a gift to "woo" human males and lure them close enough for her to feed unnoticed. Desire named herself after this talent and moved around a lot, stealing money from the men she ate.

Finally she met up with Alex again in the 80s and he told her about vampires and how they lived. She believed him, knowing that there was no other explanation. They both met up with Aleta that same year and made up their coven of three.

Special ability: Seduction

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