The Forbidden Fruit

тнεѕε violεит dεligнтѕ наvε violεит εиdѕ, аиd iи тнεія тяіυмрн diε, liкε fiяε aиd powdεя, wніcн аѕ тнεу кіѕѕ...coиѕυмε... ♥ ◦ ■ ◊ ○ ♫

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Shopping Trip

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1Shopping Trip Empty Shopping Trip on Wed Oct 13, 2010 11:35 am

Mary slunk onto the dark sidewalk of the busy ocean of people that was a typical night in Seattle.

Tilting her head back, Mary tasted the scents in the air, looking for the juiciest dinner she could find. It may seem late, but this was Mary's typical shopping trip. Except, she wasn't shopping for your normal meal.

When she caught a scent she liked, she followed it's beckoning finger to a McDonald's food court. Great.

it was too busy.

Mary's eyes were black, perfectly normal-looking. She found the source of the delicious smell and turned on the charm, letting her looks do most of the work.

The hot twenty-year old guy followed willingl, introducing himself as Matt. "Mary," she said nonchalantly, uncaring.

Before long, she was satisfied, and she began to retreat as her irises glowed red.

But she stopped in her tracks.

There was a vampire in the area besides Mary. Someone she knew.


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2Shopping Trip Empty Re: Shopping Trip on Wed Oct 13, 2010 11:47 am

The moonlight made Victoria's hair glow a fiery red, her curly locks contrasting against her skin.

She had outdone herself tonight, her irises were a beautiful, vivid red.

it was like a shopping trip when you go out with you daddy's black American express card and go over the limit.

Victoria's senses sharpened suddenly, and she turned swiftly toward a smell and a sound of breathing. Breath that didn't satisfy, that was not needed.

Mary was stood not that far away.

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3Shopping Trip Empty Re: Shopping Trip on Wed Oct 20, 2010 11:27 am

"What are you doing here!" she hissed with venom in her tone. "This is my hunting territory!! PISS OFF!!!"

Mary's teeth were bared, hands clawed, a low snarl bubbling up in her throat.

Now she thought of it, Mary actually liked Victoria. A flicker of emotion crossed her face for a split second.

But this was her territory, and she was hunting.

She crouched, ready for the kill.

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4Shopping Trip Empty Re: Shopping Trip on Wed Oct 20, 2010 11:36 am

Victoria could tell Mary didn't want her there, but she just threw her head back and laughed.

"Do you seriously think you could beat me in a fight Mary?" she snarled.

Victoria lowered herself into a crouch, perfectly balanced, and let her lips curl into a evil smile, the light reflecting off her pearl white fangs and waited in anticipation for Mary's response.

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5Shopping Trip Empty Re: Shopping Trip on Wed Oct 20, 2010 12:08 pm

Mary was not pleased. She had tagged along with Peter and Charlotte for a while, who had been trained by some Jasper person, and Mary knew everything there was to know.

She growled, loud and sharp. It echoed around the clear space behind the food court, not a soul in sight.

She drew back her clawed hand, sharp and spread, ready to attack.

"come get it," she invited, and an evil glint sparked in her eye.

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6Shopping Trip Empty Re: Shopping Trip on Fri Oct 29, 2010 10:49 am

"Thanks for the invitation."

Victoria sprang. Thankfully for her, her powerful hips drove forwards, and her leap was as graceful as a cat's.

Hands spread out as claws, mouth slightly open, just enough to see her sharp and powerful teeth.

Mary was no match for her, she may think she knows everything, since she tagged along with Peter and Charlotte.

'But, she's in for a shock,' thought Victoria.

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7Shopping Trip Empty Re: Shopping Trip on Sun Oct 31, 2010 7:21 am

Mary tensed, her eyes glinted, and her sharp teeth bit together.

She dodged Victoria's attack, and planted all ten claws and all of her teeth into Victoria's back.

Then she ran for it. Ran like the wind.

She was faster than average, but Victoria was notoriously feline.

Could she make it?

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8Shopping Trip Empty Re: Shopping Trip on Sun Oct 31, 2010 7:26 am

Victoria let out a deafening howl. 'She's gunna get it now,' Victoria thought.

Straightening herself out, she ran, so fast her hair fanned out behind her.

Mary was also fast, she'd give her that, but Victoria was built like a cat, small and nimble, which meant she was very fast.

She was closing in on Mary.

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9Shopping Trip Empty Re: Shopping Trip on Sun Oct 31, 2010 7:38 am

Mary closed her eyes and imagined a human's adrenaline; a human's pounding heart.

Mary was not a human. She was not weak, or flimsy, or pointless.

She became fierce and pushed on, though she heard Victoria's footsteps closing.

She had to make it.

She smelled some vampires nearby, they were reaching a town now. They were in the outskirts... of Forks.

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