The Forbidden Fruit

тнεѕε violεит dεligнтѕ наvε violεит εиdѕ, аиd iи тнεія тяіυмрн diε, liкε fiяε aиd powdεя, wніcн аѕ тнεу кіѕѕ...coиѕυмε... ♥ ◦ ■ ◊ ○ ♫

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The Amazons

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1The Amazons Empty The Amazons on Thu Sep 30, 2010 12:03 pm


Zafrina crawled along the moist, dirty forest floor, tasting the scents in the humid air.

There were a few jaguars nearby, monkeys.

Then she caught on to what she really wanted. Some campers, explorers.

Zafrina slunk even lower to the ground, and crept along the dry fallen leaves. She was going perfectly well; unseen, unsmelled, unheard.

A jaguar jumped down suddenly, and the campers turned and saw her, her leopardskin cat-suit causing wonderment to cross their faces.

With no time to figure anything else out, she pounced and took one down, creating a picture of sheer hell for the other to keep him busy.

She finished the first, and slung the other over her shoulder, saving it for Kachiri and Senna.

She licked her lips and caught a glimpse of her now-red eyes in the brown, clouded Amazon river.

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