The Forbidden Fruit

тнεѕε violεит dεligнтѕ наvε violεит εиdѕ, аиd iи тнεія тяіυмрн diε, liкε fiяε aиd powdεя, wніcн аѕ тнεу кіѕѕ...coиѕυмε... ♥ ◦ ■ ◊ ○ ♫

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Corin Walsh

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Corin Walsh
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Corin is a softly spoken vampire, her accent southern irish, though less pronounced due to the length of time spent in Italy with the Volturi. Corin was born in the early 1800's, probably in the decade of 1830, though she cannot remember the exact date and year, and she was frozen at the age of about 16. Her memories of her childhood are hazy at best. She can remember having three younger sisters, though the names she is unable to recall.

Corin's memory of being turned is that of pain, a burning fire raging under her skin. Her first clear memories began when she had been turned. The one that changed Corin was Caius, and she later found out that she was turned as a result of Eleazer having discovered her ability whilst she was human which was deemed good enough to warrant her joining the Volturi.

Corin's ability is to alter a victims perception of reality. She can induce delusions and hallucinations through this power, causing the victim to think or see things that are not real. She is limited to using this power on one person at a time, though she does not need to be in contact with said person to use it. These delusions are rendered ineffective if Corin is injured, or fighting, or if she is too far away from them for its continued effectiveness, the radius to which it works being about a mile or so.

As soon as Corin was turned she agreed to go along with the Volturi, seeing as they seemed to be the only ones offering to help her, and let her join them. The idea of drinking from humans was first introduced to her by the Volturi, and if she was still human she would surely have found this repulsive, but as a vampire it felt so good, as if it were only natural. She has been with the Volturi for over a century now, and remained loyal since the day she was born into this new world.

Corin stands at about 5 ft 3 ", barely a few feet higher then the twins Alec and Jane. Her skin has a deathly pale pallor to it, her eyes burning either an intense red or deep black depending on how thirst she is, a difference from the soft green they were when she was still human. Her hair goes down to just past her shoulders - a reddish brown, which is usually tied up, though sometimes worn loose.

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